Apr 20, 2011

Beach or Casino - Fun In Zandvoort

Zandvoort is a place synonomous with fun. Why? Because it offers many different ways of having fun. For example:

Zandvoort beach - great for family fun.

The soft sand and a long, wide stretch of beach is ideal for sitting and relaxing or playing with the kids.

Paddle in the sea or watch the sailing boats and kitesurfers, visit a beach cafe and enjoy some great food or wait for a nice seafood stall or the occasional ice cream cart to arrive towed by tractor.

There's lots of fun to enjoy on the beach.

Naturist Beach - a 3km stretch of sandy beach officially designated since the mid 70's, Zandvoort's naturist beach remains popular with both local people and tourists.

Zandvoort bars - down in the village there are some great, characterful bars where you can eat and drink and generally enjoy a good, friendly atmosphere. The Laurel and Hardy bar is a favourite amongst many locals as well as tourists.

Other places where you can enjoy different kinds of fun include:

Zandvoort Ice Cream Parlours
Casino Zandvoort
Zandvoort Dunes (walking, cycling, birdwatching)

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