Jan 11, 2013

Zandvoort Looks To A Happy New Year

With the start of every New Year most people's minds turn to the summer and ..... holidays!

For that reason, resorts such as Zandvoort tend to receive a surge of interest at this time of year. More enquiries for accommodation in Zandvoort - or as the Germans would say 'Unterkunft Zandvoort'. How do we know this? Well, first of all it's pretty much common sense logic but also we know from studying the stats of our main Zandvoort website, which pages people look at and how long they stay on the site. Year on year January sees a definite spike in traffic and that can mean only one thing .... people planning to visit Zandvoort!

2013 is looking good for Zandvoort - let's hope the weather plays a positive, helping hand :)

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