Jul 17, 2014

Find Accommodation In Zandvoort And The Enjoy The Sun

When the sun comes out in Zandvoort accommodation can be hard to find. Some people book their accommodation months in advance, even from one year to the next (which tends to be true of apartments more than hotels and guest houses) but for many it's a last-minute decision based on whether the weather is good.

The weather in Zandvoort, as with most of northern Europe, can be changeable and not every summer is guaranteed wall to wall sunshine. However, there are usually weeks and weekends during July and August when Zandvoort's weather turns sultry and warm. It's also at this time when many events are staged in and around the town and together all of this makes the town come truly alive, the beach in particular.

The moment the weather forecast hints at such a possibility, people by the thousand look for late availability at hotels in Zandvoort. If they get lucky they usually make a reservation on the spot; if they are out of luck they then check other accommodation options. Many Germans love to take holidays in Zandvoort and for them a Google search for Zandvoort Unterkunft usually comes up with the results they are looking for. How do we know? Well, we have German pages on our website and have studied the site visitor statistics for many years :)  The other option they have is the official tourism office for the town the VVV Zandvoort.

Once their accommodation is booked they can then start to pack their cases and head off to enjoy the sun and fun that only Zandvoort can offer. What kind of fun? Well, let's show you in pictures! The following are a selection from the thousands of photographs that we have taken in Zandvoort since first discovering it in 1981.

Kitesurfers and sailing boats love Zandvoort

Hang-gliders are often visible from the beach

Sand castle building - always fun on Zandvoort beach

The beach during late afternoon before sunset

After a day soaking up the sun, enjoy some of the delicious food in the town

Take a stroll along the promenade and watch the sunset

Having looked at these pictures, can you really resist the idea of checking the weather forecast and then trying to find some accommodation in Zandvoort? Well, if you can then you will be quite different to the many others who will be doing so this week and for the next several weeks to come. We hope that good weather prevails and lasts - Zandvoort has so much to offer when the sun shines!

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