May 13, 2010

A Wealth Of History - Zandvoort's Unique Heritage

The history of Zandvoort is unique. The first mention of the place in historical records appears to have been in the early 14th century when it was referred to as Sandevoerde - a Dutch term that describes a fordable place amongst the dunes that could be waded through, connecting land and sea.

It was in 1722 that Zandvoort first began to develop economically, flourishing first as a fishing village then as a tourist resort. World War II was a dark time for Zandvoort but in post-war years a rebuilding programme was undertaken and it eventually re-established itself as a great place to visit and have fun - the Zandvoort we know so well today!

Its history divides into 4 sections and we have dedicated a web page to each one, as follows:

Zandvoort 1722-1825
Zandvoort 1825-1939
Zandvoort 1939-1945
Modern Zandvoort

If you are interested in European history at all, this is a must read!

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