Apr 5, 2010

Building Cafes On Zandvoort Beach

This time of year sees a significant change take place in Zandvoort - on the beach. The winter now behind us it is time for the Zandvoort beach cafes to come to life again!

Every year at the end of the season, beach cafe owners dismantle their premises and put all the constituent parts away into storage for the winter. Then, usually in February, they bring everything out of storage and start assembling them again. It usually takes about 6 weeks to get them ready so by April many are open once again for business.

So when you next visit a beach cafe in Zandvoort, spare a thought for the hard work, dedication and determination of all those who build and dismantle their cafes every year - all so that we can enjoy sunny days on the beach to the fullest extent with food, drink, toilets and showers readily available. Thank you cafe owners - we really do appreciate you! :)

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