Jun 15, 2010

Food In Zandvoort

One great thing about Zandvoort is the food -cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlours, bars and take-aways, it's all there. That's in addition of course to the great beach cafes that offer excellent hot meals, sandwiches (broodjes) and drinks.

In the last post I mentioned the Food Fair that took place in the village last summer. Well, the main attraction there was the FOOD! Everyone was busy eating, drinking and chatting to friends.

Adding to the atmosphere were the colourfully lit marquees and people in costume handing out leaflets - such as the Johny Depp look-alike here that we photographed. A great costume - all dressed up Pirates of the Caribbean style!

Mentioning the Laurel and Hardy bar (just once more because it's a favourite of ours!), here is another picture we took on the same night at the food fair.

The strobed colours are a nice accidental effect from the flash - don't you think?

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