Aug 31, 2010

Orange Zandvoort

Here is another photograph from July when everyone in The Netherlands seemed to 'go orange'.

This was taken in Zandvoort and shows the top part of a building with a pub underneath. Keen to attract visitors to come in and watch the Soccer World cup, they dressed the building in orange flags, hung a Dutch national flag from the top window and draped plastic, inflated footballs down the outside.

The additional orange sign in the photograph carried a football emblem with the words "Holland WK 2010 - Binnen Voetbal Kijken"

Zandvoort bars are always welcoming to both regular and new visitors. If you are planning to visit Zandvoort you will need to check out Zandvoort accommodation well in advance as it can get very busy if there are special sporting events taking place such as at the Circuit Zandvoort.

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