Sep 25, 2010

Why Is Zandvoort Beach Deserted?

This is a rare sight ... a Sunday afternoon on a hot, sunny, summer's day and Zandvoort beach is deserted!

Where is everyone?

Well, you can probably guess if I tell you that this photograph was taken on Soccer World Cup Finals day 2010 - when The Netherlands played Spain.

The vast majority of Dutch people were busy preparing for the evening's match. The next photograph was taken a little later in Haltestraat outside one of the many Zandvoort restaurants. People were dressed in bright orange and the Dutch national colours, eating and drinking in readiness for the match to begin. Big smiles all round - until later of course when the final result was known.

Never mind ... maybe they will do better next time :)

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Sep 5, 2010

Storm Clouds Gather Over Zandvoort

Most people agree that the best Zandvoort weather is when it is sunny, warm and dry. That is when you get to see the place at its best - alive with colour and activity with Zandvoort beach playing host to tens of thousands of people.

However, one of the most atmospheric experiences on Zandvoort beach is when there is a storm approaching.

This photograph was taken late afternoon on a summer's day when the weather was just beginning to turn. The horizon gradually grew darker and shadows rather than sunshine began to invade the beach.

The wide view of the horizon when it changes so dramatically like this is a wonderful sight to behold ... but once we had taken this shot, we quickened our pace and ran into one of the beach cafes quickly to avoid getting wet!

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