Sep 30, 2011

Circuit Zandvoort - Racing Circuit

Circuit Zandvoort has for many years been a key attraction for people to come and visit this small Dutch coastal resort.

Motor racing was popular in the area as far back as the 1930s when the local VVV organised races on the north side of Zandvoort. At first a basic circuit was used but for safety reasons soon led to the need for a proper, self contained racing circuit and 112 hectares of dune land was turned into a 4 km racing track in 1941.

Asphalted in 1948, the Circuit Zandvoort went on to host many motor racing highlights (1952 Grand Prix, 1961 Grand Prix etc).

The last world championship race at Circuit Zandvoort took place in 1985.

See the location of Circuit Zandvoort

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Sep 15, 2011

Jungen Möwen auf dem Strand Zandvoort

Eines Tages auf dem Strand von Zandvoort haben wir diese kleine Gruppe von 3 jungen Möwen bemerkt. Sie paddelten in einem der Pools, dass die Ebbe zurückgelassen hatte.

Einer der 3 jungen Möwen hatten bereits die Kunst der Suche nach Nahrung in einer solchen Situation gelernt und war damit beschäftigt, picken hier und dort im Wasser ... aber die anderen 2 Möwen standen nur da und starrte.

Sie sahen ganz verwirrt, aber nach kurzer Zeit der Beobachtung der "kenntnisreich" ein, holten sie auf die Idee. Wunderschöne Natur bei der Arbeit auf diese Weise zu sehen.

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Sep 5, 2011

Zandvoort Hotels, Campsites & Caravans

Zandvoort is a popular destination for day trippers from Amsterdam and indeed most parts of The Netherlands. It is also a favourite of many German people who come here for their summer vacation or long weekends if there is a special event taking place.

There is a whole events list that brings people in - from music festivals to racing at the Circuit Zandvoort.

It's no surprise therefore to learn that there can be a big demand for accommodation in Zandvoort, especially during these special events. Hotels, guest houses (aka Pensions) and campsites fill up very quickly. Most apartments are booked well in advance and generally for longer periods.

Read more about Zandvoort accommodation where you can find links to local tourist information.

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